Our quick change diff centres

Our high quality locally produced Pacific Quick Change Diff centres come ready to install in Ford rear ends from 1928-1948 passenger car vehicles Depending on your use there are a few minor mods to be made. We also have merch and additional products coming very soon, so check back later!

Frequently asked questions

Can Pacific Quick-Change diff centres be used with either original “closed style” and “open” drive lines?

A: Yes.

Do you sell complete diff housings already set up?

A: From December 2023 we will be likely offering two versions of complete diff housings:-
1- An A version with new early Ford Hydraulic brakes and axles, complete ready to bolt in using your mounting brakets and exchange bell housing tubes.
2- A V8 version with 9" axles, L.S.D option and late Ford brakes and bolt pattern.

We also supply Ford Model A, 1928-31 & Early V8, 1932-48 centres for you to install.  Replacing the cast iron original diff centre with a new alloy quick change housing.

This conversion, is generally straight forward to carry out, utilises your existing Ford crown wheel & pinion allowing you to change your final drive ratio in a matter of minutes.

How much power will your quick change centres handle?

In a stock early Ford setup our centres should handel between 200-250 HP. It simply depends on how hard you drive your ride.

The weak link in the early Ford driveline was the original key way axles. Our diff centres have been used for drag racing in 11 sec quarter mile cars, Salt Lake speeds of over 150mph and in daily driver rods.

If you are regularly drag racing with a high horsepower engine we suggest that you use a specially built 9" diff.

What final drive ratios can I use with your quick change.

A: Ratios range from 1.8 to 7.93: 1 this allows you to “dial-in” your final ratio or have several depending on where you are taking your ride. Usually, Hot Rod guys run gear sets numbered between 1 & 7. Our sales include a gear chart, installation instructions and after sale service.

We can advise you on the best gear sets for your application.  It depends on your driving application and is calculated on your crown wheel & pinion ratio (usually 3.78: 1 or 4.11:1) & the rolling tyre diameter of your rear wheels.

We do not usually supply gear sets with the sale as there are several different types of gears and up to 36 combinations for final drive.

Are your quick-change diffs suitable for street driven hot rods?

A: Yes, I had one in my late flat head powered, 4-speed, 34 Ford Roadster; it was trouble fee, & I did a lot of long runs & daily road miles.

There are plenty of traditional inspired Hot Rod guys out there using them as well. Check out our gallery you'll see what I mean.

What’s the best way to contact Pacific Quick Change about more information or sales?

A: We are available through this website, or email us at pacificquickchange@gmail.com

We normally respond to email inquiries within 24-48 hours, and yes we ship worldwide with tracking.

During 2022-23 we will also be attending most of the larger Hot Rod events on the East Coast of Australia. We regularly speak early style hot rod, why not call in and say hello, check our displays or pick up your order.

Pacific Quick Change’s V8 centre
Pacific Quick Change’s V8 centre
Pacific Quick Change’s A centre
Pacific Quick Change’s A centre

"Big gear on the top - high ratio, big gear on the bottom – low ratio"

Casting mould for centres.
Casting mould for centres.
Fresh castings out of the moulds
Fresh castings out of the moulds
Castings resting after heat treatment.
Castings resting after heat treatment.
Diff centre castings after the CNC process and prior to assembly
Diff centre castings after the CNC process and prior to assembly

"It's all in the gears"