Reviews for Pacific Quick Change diff centres


Great guys to deal with. Bill was very helpful with the tech side of the diff centres.
Tony Thomas - Australia


Excellent service and great people to deal with. Good advice and communication.
Jim Duncan - UK


Great to see these available again, I love the one fitted to my 4 Banger powered Model A, will be looking for a V8 one next!
Ian Whittaker - USA


Cheers for your work. Proud to run a Kiwi Quick Change in my ride!
Wade Nisbet - New Zealand


My number 27 T Track Roadster has always been a blast to run at the Rattletrap beach sprint but installing a Kiwi Quick Change rear end just made it even better. We had recently up-sized the rear wheel diameter and being able to drop a different ratio instantly into the rear end made running even easier.
Ted Wrigg - Australia


I'm not in the USA but in Finland, Europe. I had Kiwi Quick Change in my roadster and it was good and surprisingly quiet. I drove it several years before I sold the car.
Reindeer - Finland

"Thought about a quickie lately?"

"It's all in the gears"